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Presentasi berjudul: "3.STANDAR KOMPETENSI BERBICARA"— Transcript presentasi:

Mengugkapkan makna dalam percakapan transaksional dan interpesonal dalam konteks kehidupan sehari-hari Choky……………

2 Kompetensi dasar 3.1 mengungkapkan makna dalam percakapan transaksional ( to get things done) dan interpesonal ( bersosialisasi) resmi dan tak resmi secara akurat, lancar dan berterima dengan manggunakan ragam bahasa lisan sederhana dalam konteks kehidupan sehari-hari dan melibatkan tindak tutur : berkenalan, bertemu/berpisah, menyetujui ajakan/tawaran/undangan.menerima janji,dan membatalkan janji

3 MATERI PEMBELAJARAN Siswa diperkenalkan dan diberikan penjelasan ragam bentuk ungkapan atau respon formal ( resmi ) dan informal ( tak resmi) Contoh materi pembelajaran (berkenalan,bertemu/,berpisah) formal Expression : nice to meet you, Ana? Respond : nice to meet you too,lisa Informal Expresson : see you? Respond : see you too Contoh materi pembelajaran (menyetujui ajakan/tawaran/undangan) Formal Expression : would you come / go with me, Ana ? Respond : that would be very nice for me Expression : come to my party Respond : thank for invitation

4 MATERI PEMBELAJARAN Contoh materi pembelajaran (menerima janji) Formal
Expression : I will get you the book Respond : It’s very kind of you Informal Expression : we will meet in my house Respond : ok Contoh materi pembelajaran ( membatalkan janji) Expression : I wondered if you like to join us Respond : I’m not sure yet , I still busy with my job Expression : sorry I can’t make it Respond : that ok source: SMA 10 CURICULUM & LOOK A HEAD BOOK

5 KOMPETENSI DASAR 3.2 Mengingkapkan makna dalam percakapan transaksional ( to get things done) dan interpesonal ( bersosialisasi) resmi dan tak resmi secara akurat, lancar dan berterima dengan menggunakan ragam bahasa lisan sederhana dalam konteks kehidupan sehari-hari dan melibatkan tindak tutur : mengungkapkan perasaan bahagia, menunjukkan perhatian, menunjukan simpati, dan memberi instruksi

6 Materi pembelajaran Contoh ungkapan dan respond (perasaan bahagia)
Formal Expression : I’m so happy to get a scholarship Respond : I’m so happy for you Informal Expression : I’m so happy Respond : too contoh ungkapan dan respond (Menunjukkan perhatian) formal Expression : what a beatiful garden you have! Respond : thank you, I like gardening very much Expression : you are fantastic Respond : thank you

7 Materi pembelajaran Contoh ungkapan (menujukkan simpati) formal
Expression: please accept my condolonce Respond : thank you so much Informal Expression : I condolonce Respond : thank you Contoh ungkapan dan respon ( memberi instruksi) Expression : can you open the door to me? ,it’s very hot Respond : it’s pleasant of you Expression : open the window! Respond : ok ( source: sma 10 curiculum & look a head book)

8 Kegiatan pembelajaran & indikator
Dalam Kegiatan pembelajaran siswa dapat bermain peran secara berpasangan Dengan indikator Siswa diharapkan dapat membedakan ungkapan dan respon resmi dan tak resmi Siswa dapat menggunakan tindak tutur ungakapan dan respon secara lisan Siswa dapat menampilkan dan berperan secara lisan kedepan kelas

9 Standar komptensi 4 Mengungkapkan makna dalam bentuks teks fungsional pendek dan monolog berbentuk recount, narative dan procedure sederhana dalam konteks kehidupan sehari-hari.

10 Kompetensi dasar 4.1 Mengungkapkan makna dalam bentuks teks fungsional pendek(misalnya pengumuman,iklan,undangan dll) resmi dan tak resmi dengan menggunakan ragam bahasa lisan dalam berbagai konteks kehidupan sehari-hari

11 Materi pembelajaran Siswa diperkenalkan tentang pengumuman (announcement),iklan(advertisement) dan undangan( invitition) Pengumuman : pesan atau informasi yang disampaikan kepada umum (masyarakat)(dinding atau papan pengumuman) Iklan : sarana komunokasi yang dipakai untuk mengamtarkan dan menyebar luaskan pesan-pesan iklan(televisi,radio) Undangan :informasi meminta atau mengajak seseorang( lisan dan tertulis)

12 Materi pembelajaran Pengumuman ,iklan,undangan resmi dan tak resmi
Formal announcements Day of shame-9 sept 2004 Peter qasim has been in detebtion longer than anyone else.he stars 7th year on sept9 He is stateless and can now be indefinitely detained unless sen vanstone giveshim humanatarian visa Kris latona To mark the same of the day and urge her to act,grouos throughout australia are taking varous actions.because so manypeopleare shocked at the length of time he has been detained as well as the hororof is pliht, the actions willprbably have a general a wareness raisingeffect as well Soource of

13 Materi pembelajaran Informal announcements
Free conversational English classes at chermside library .Free conversational English classes star at chemise library, Hamilton road chermside on Tuesday 3 February 2009 at 4.00pm.classes go until 5.30 pm and people from all language levels are welcome. please call Steve on for further information Formal advertisements A fast growing foreign company is looking for male or female typist for its brance in Jakarta. Applicants should fulfill the following requirements: Good command of English Minimum Typing speed:45 words per minutes Education :SMU Age :between years old Complete resume should be sent to PO BOX 1742 JKT 10017 & look a head book

5000 FREE SEATS Don’t let the recent Bali tragedy continue to take its toll on people whose culture has always been rooted in peace,bauty and appreciation of the simple things in lofe. Everyone of us can help Bali to get back on her free again by visiting and showing her people that rest of asia and the world have not deserts best AIR ASIA ….BALI YOU ARE NOT ALONE AWAIR Source from look a head book

15 Formal invition To : Mr.Barrons, Ms. Roddick
Day/Date : Tuesday/March 20th From : Chris Stewarts- Hewlett Pavkard Indonesia Subject : Invitation for HP Laser jet Grand Launching Dear Sir/Madam, We would like to inform you that our company will launch our newest product. We will be launching our new “HP Laser Jet Series”. We will appreciate it if you would attend the Grand Launching which will be held: Day/Date : Friday/April 8 th Time : WIB Venue : Red Square-Senayan Arcadia Jakarta Selatan Best regards, Rendy Jayadi

16 Informal invition December 09,2009 Dear Ana,
How are you ? I want to invite you my new year party on 25 march 2011. It will be very great because I invite all our friends. I hope you can come. I am waiting for you were reply With love Mariam Source from

17 Kegiatan pembelajaran & indikator
Membacakan pengumuman,iklan,dan undangan secara bergantian Indikator siswa diharapkan dapat membedakan antara pengumuman,iklan dan undangan Siswa diharapkan dapat menuturkan secara lisan dan mengexpressikan pengumuman,iklan dan undangan resmi dan tak resmi Siswa diharapkan dapat menuturkan secara lisan dengan intonasi,lafal,mimik.gesture dengan kejelasan bahasa yang efektif,baik dan benar didepan kelas

18 KOMPETENSI DASAR 4.2 Mengungkapkan makna dalam teks monolog sederhana dengan menggunakan ragam bahasa lisan secara akurat,lancar dan berterima dalam berbagai konteks kehidupan sehari-hari dalam teks berbentuk recount,narrative dan prosedure

19 Materi pembelajaran Siswa diperkenalkan dengan memberikan penjelasan tentang recount,nerrative,dan procedure Recount : berupa rentetan peristiwa atau kejadian pengalaman penulis atau pengalaman sendiri Narrative : berupa cerita dongeng,khayalan atau cerita rakyat Procedure : bagaimana cara membuat sesuatu atau bagiamann cara / langkah terhadap sesuatu.

20 Materi pembelajaran Recount Being a drawf
When I was ten years old,I realized how short I was if compared my self to other people. But I kept my observation to myself. My parents knew I was just 18 weeks old. They noticed my head was larger than normal babies and that I had a curved back. At junior high school, things were fine because i9 had really good friends. At first, they had questions so I explained my condition, but they were understanding. I know I can’t change it.i like who iam. I will always like who I am. Narrative The Midnight Monster The night was dark. The sky was full of stars. Ferdie Fox and little Byron Badger walked in trudy’s garden. They wanted to play in the sand box. Suddenly, the moon came from behind a cloud. “How about coming back tonight to play? Said Byron with a smile on his face. He gave Ferdie a nudge.”Well bring our own buckets and spades.”

21 Materi pembelajaran Procedure How Can You Operate the TV?
Television can be operated easily. We can turn on and change the channel of television set easily. To turn on this television we need and stop contact. Then follow this instruction. Connect the cable of television to an AC wall outlet. Switch the television on the by pressing the button of power. Choose the channel you like by pressing the button of the channel. Enjoy the program you like. If you want to turn on the television or change the channel from far distance, use a will help you to operate the television easily. (Source from look a head book)

22 Kegiatan pembelajaran & indikator
Kegiatan pemebelajaran Siswa dapat menceritakan kembali bentuk dari teks recount,narrative dan procedure Indikator Siswa diharapakan dapat membedakan antara teks recount, narrative dan procedure (orientasi,waktu.tempat,structure dan tujuan dari teks tersebut) Siswa dapat mencertitakan kembali tentang teks recount,narrative atau procedure kedepan kelas


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