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Perencanaan Pengujian (Test Plan) Pertemuan 4

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Presentasi berjudul: "Perencanaan Pengujian (Test Plan) Pertemuan 4"— Transcript presentasi:

1 Perencanaan Pengujian (Test Plan) Pertemuan 4
Matakuliah : M0232/Testing dan Implementasi Tahun : 2008 Perencanaan Pengujian (Test Plan) Pertemuan 4

2 TIK Mahasiswa dapat menjelaskan pentingnya sebuah perencanaan pengujian. (C2) TIK-14 Mahasiswa dapat menghitung jumlah dokumen perencanaan pengujian yang harus dibuat. (C3) TIK-15 Mahasiswa dapat membuat perencanaan pengujian (test plan) suatu proyek pengujian perangkat lunak. (C3) TIK-16 Bina Nusantara

3 Why I write Test Plan What to set? Need more details? How? Scope
Schedule Budget Parameter Need more details? How? Bina Nusantara

4 How Many Test Plans? Making many test plans could be based on:
Different Time Periods Different Methodologies Different Objectives Different Audiences Bina Nusantara

5 Test Plan Template Bina Nusantara

6 Scope Bina Nusantara

7 Setting Bina Nusantara

8 Quality Risk Bina Nusantara

9 Proposed Schedule for Miles
Bina Nusantara

10 Entry Criteria Are the necessary documentation, design, and requirements information available that will allow testers to operate the system and judge correct behavior? Is the system ready for delivery, in whatever form is appropriate for the test phase in question? Are the supporting utilities, accessories, and prerequisites available in forms that testers can use? Is the system at the appropriate level of quality? Is the test environment - lab, hardware, software, and system administration support - ready? Bina Nusantara

11 Bug Isolation and Classification
Requirements Failure Nonrequirement Failure Waiver Requested External Failure Test Failure Bina Nusantara


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