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Medium for Teaching SMA Grade X Semester 2

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1 Medium for Teaching SMA Grade X Semester 2
Yudha Yuniarta

2 Standard Competence: Basic Competence: Mendengarkan & Berbicara
(7&9) Memahami dan Mengungkapkan makna dalam percakapan transaksional dan interpersonal dalam konteks kehidupan sehari-hari Basic Competence: (7.1&9.1) Merespon dan mengungkapkan makna dalam percakapan transaksional (to get things done) dan interpersonal (bersosialisasi) resmi dan tak resmi secara akurat, lancar dan berterima yang menggunakan ragam bahasa lisan sederhana dalam berbagai konteks kehidupan sehari-hari dan melibatkan tindak tutur: berterima kasih, memuji, dan mengucapkan selamat

3 Interpersonal Conversation of Saying thanks, Giving compliment, and Expressing congratulation.
Do you know what are the people in the picture doing? Have you ever done the conversation before?

4 The people in the picture are doing the interpersonal conversation.
And do you know what the interpersonal conversation is? Interpersonal Conversation is the verbal and nonverbal interaction between two interdependent people (sometimes more). This conversation is aimed to socialize and keep the relationship.

5 Short Conversations about saying thanks, giving compliment, and saying congratulation.
a). X: John, thanks for your help last night. Y: Yes, you are welcome. b). X: thank you for lending me your rain coat this morning. Y: you are welcome. X: if you do not lend me that coat, I’m sure that I were get wet now. Y: take it easy.

6 Giving Compliment X: Hi Ann, nice to meet you here.
Y: H Johni, nice to meet you too. X: look at you, you are so beautiful with that dress. Y: are you sure? X: yes, absolutely Y: thank you.

7 Expressing Congratulation
X: hi Tom, congratulation for winning the basketball trophy Y: thank you X: that was a very great game last night. Y: are you sure? X: yes, exactly Y: Thank you very much.

8 Example of the conversation
Ann meets John in her birthday party. John : Hi, Ann. Happy birthday. Wish you all the best. Ann : Thank you John. John : You look so great in your nice dress tonight. Ann : Are you sure? John : Yes, of course. Ann : Thanks, I’m happy for your coming to my simple party. Thank you. John : No, this is amazing party. Thanks for inviting me. Ann : Thank you, you are my friend so of course I invite you. John : Thank you. Ann : I’m sorry, I will leave you for a while to see George over there. Just enjoy the party. John : okay, never mind. Thank you.

9 expressions of saying thanks, giving compliment, and expressing congratulation
Thank you Thanks Thank you very much That is wonderful That is great Amazing It is nice It is good Congratulation Good job Well done Happy

10 vocabularies usually found in conversation
Thanks Thank you Thank you very much Congratulation Happy Nice Great Amazing Wonderful Beautiful Good job Excellent

11 Exercises Complete the conversation bellow with the appropriate words or expressions! Tom : Hi Andy. How are you? Andy : Hi Tom. I’m fine. What about your Math final test? Tom : I can pass it with the good score. Andy : yeah, (1) _____________ Tom. Tom : (2) ___________. What about you? Andy : I got 98 at that test. Tom : Wow, it (3) ___________ Andy. (4) _____________! Andy : (5) ____________________. Tom : Okay, see you later, I have to go now. Andy : okay, good bye. Tom : Bye.

12 Pair Work Now, make a group of two and then work together to make a role-play. The topic must be related to the saying thanks, giving the complement, and expressing congratulation. After that, perform your role-play in front of the class. Good luck!

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