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BASIC MACHINE Teknik Kendaraan Ringan Semester 1 nd Class X Dasar Kompetensi Kejuruan SK-KD 1 TH.

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Presentasi berjudul: "BASIC MACHINE Teknik Kendaraan Ringan Semester 1 nd Class X Dasar Kompetensi Kejuruan SK-KD 1 TH."— Transcript presentasi:

1 BASIC MACHINE Teknik Kendaraan Ringan Semester 1 nd Class X Dasar Kompetensi Kejuruan SK-KD 1 TH


3 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 3 TARGET OF LESSON  Student understand basic static and strained  Student understand machine element  Student understand basic material and mineral

4 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 4 STATIC AND STRAINED

5 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 5 STATIC Learn about balanced material, and the force at the material for balancing that

6 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 6 Force is something cause the material move or standby Force can be illustrated by a vector, is unit have value and direction The Symbol : F FORCE

7 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 7 f = u · N Newton N = Normal force, that upright with material face (Newton) μ = friction coefficient at material face (without unit) F = m (Kg) · a (m/s2) = Kg · m/s2 = Newton (N)

8 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 8 Compose to force

9 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 9 Compose more than 2 force

10 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 10 Compose force with poligon method

11 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 11 Compose force by Analitis Method

12 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 12 To analyze force

13 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 13 Inertia Force

14 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 14 Couple

15 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 15 Balanced Inertia force F1 to O, M1 = –F1. a (clockwise), Inertia force F2 to O, M2 = +F2. b (unclockwise)

16 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 16 Balanced at incline material FMg = sin θ F = W sin θ dan N = W cos θ

17 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 17 STRAINED Load at material molecule in unit of face large

18 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 18 The kinds of strained Normal Strained

19 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 19 Pull Strained

20 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 20 Push Strained

21 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 21 Shift Strained D = diameter paku keling

22 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 22 Bend Strained Mb = momen lengkung Wb = momen tahanan lengkung

23 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 23 Twist Strained Mt = momen puntir (torsi) Wp = momen tahanan polar (pada puntir)

24 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 24 UNDERSTAND MACHINE ELEMENT

25 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 25 SHAFT Shaft at the machine use for continue power with rotation

26 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 26 Yoke Axle is a shaft that does not get the load torque, function only as a drag load, usually do not spin. For example, as mounted on the wheels of a freight train, or on trucks as the front. Spindle Axis of transmission is relatively short, as the main axis of the machine tools, where the main burden of torsion THE KINDS OF SHAFT

27 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 27 Transmission Shaft Axis of the transmission function of mechanical energy to move one machine element to the other machine elements

28 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 28 LOAD AT THE SHAFT The axle with the load torque

29 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 29 Shaft with elastic load Elastic load at robotic arm

30 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 30 Shaft with swift and elastic load Swift and elastic load at arbor

31 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 31 BEARING Bearing needed to rivet shaft loaded, in order to turn or move back and forth continuously, and no noise due to friction Sliding bearings where there is movement between the shaft and sliding bearings for shaft surface by the bearing surface with a layer of lubricant Rolling bearings where there is rolling friction between the parts rotates with the rest through rolling elements such as rollers or needle rollers

32 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 32 Based on the weight of the shaft, the bearings classified into Radial bearing where the load bearing ditumpu axis perpendicular to the axis

33 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 33 Axial bearings, where the load bearing direction is parallel to the axis of the shaft Special roller bearings, which are bearing the burden rested the direction parallel and perpendicular to the axis of the shaft.

34 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 34 MATERIAL AND MINERAL

35 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 35 MATERIAL STELL FERRO (iron, steel, and cast iron) NON FERRO (gold, silver, and white tin. NON STELL ORGANICAN ORGANIC MATERIAL



38 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 38 PROPERTIES MECHANICAL strengthhardnesselasticityrigidityplasticityfatique

39 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 39 MINERAL Mineral is a lot of material contained in the earth, which has the shape and specific characteristics and has a fixed chemical composition. CHARACTERISTIC: Color For example faucet flashes of gold, tin, and copper metal which has a flash Crystals or parts of a mineral that has a smooth plane Density, the mineral has a specific gravity of between 2 to 4 ton/m2.

40 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 40 MINERAL STEEL besi, alumunium, mangan, titanium,tembaga, timah hitam NON STEEL Natrium klorida, kalsium fosfat, dan belerang, pasir, batu kerikil, batu hancur, gips, dan semen, bahan bakar fosil, Air

41 Teknologi dan Rekayasa 41 BIBLIOGRAPHY: BSE Memahami Dasar-Dasar Kejuruan

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