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Istiani, Department of Psychology Bina Nusantara University Presented in SEMINAR NASIONAL INTEGRITAS MANUSIA INDONESIA Bandung, 9 Juni 2014

2 Terminologi Integritas
Academic integrity Research integrity Personal integrity Self integrity Corporate integrity Job integrity Candidate integrity Leader integrity Moral integrity Individual integrity Integrity at work Integrity capacity Behavior integrity Integity testing Lain-lain

3 Integritas dapatkah diukur?

4 Pengantar Pengukuran Psikologis
Measurement theory is the rational foundation for developing and evaluating measurement procedures. ------interchangeable—psychometric theory will be used. Explicitly psychometric theory is concern with developing and evaluating measurement of traits, attitudes, or specific behaviors.

5 Psychometrics Psychometrics deals with the scientific measurement of individual differences (e.g. personality and intelligence) It attempts to measure the psychological qualities of individuals and use that knowledge to make predictions about behaviour

6 Psycho Metrics Psychometric Test
……is a systematic procedure for obtaining samples of behavior, relevant to cognitive or affective functioning, and for scoring and evaluating those samples according to standards. Susana Urbina (2004).

7 Psychological test A procedure for evaluation of psychological functions. Psychological tests involve those being tested in solving, performing skilled tasks or making judgments. Psychological procedures are characterized by standard methods of administration and scoring. Results are usually quantified by means of normative or other scaling procedures but they may also be interpreted qualitatively by reference to psychological theory. Included in term psychological test are tests of varieties of: intelligence, ability, aptitude, language development and function, perception, personality, temperament and disposition, and interests, habits, values and preferences, etc.(British Psychological Society) is a standard way of measuring an aspect of mental performance. Practically this means that tests assess things like verbal ability, such as how good you are at understanding the meaning of words, or comprehending the information in written passage. They are also used to explore personal attribute like personality, careers or employment interests, values, attitudes, motivation, etc.

8 Beberapa tes untuk mengukur integritas
Contoh Tes Integritas Beberapa tes untuk mengukur integritas Reid Report, Personnel Selection Inventory, Personality Reaction Blank, PDI Employment Inventory, Hogan Reliability Index (Murphy, 1995; Sackett, et all, 1984; 1989; 2007), Big Five (NEO-PR) (Ones, et all, 1993; 1997; 2003), HEXACO (Lee, Ashton, & de Vries, 2005)

9 Beberapa tes untuk mengukur integritas:
Contoh Tes Intgritas Beberapa tes untuk mengukur integritas: Moral Integrity Survey (MIS) (Olson,1998) Construct-oriented Biodata Scales (Solomonson, 2000) Behavioral Integrity (BI) (Simons, 2002) Situational Judgment Test (Becker, 2005) All those tests have a different concept about integrity

10 Integritas? Apakah kita... Respectful ? Responsible ? Trustworthy ?
Dependable ? someone who people can count on? Integritas?!

11 Penentuan Sasaran Ukur:
Aturan 1 Penentuan Sasaran Ukur: Atribut psikologis Subyek

12 Beberapa Cara Jika pengertian Integritas sebagai atribut psikologis terdefinisikan, maka pengukuran dapat dilakukan dengan cara diantaranya: Biografi, Inventori, Situational Judgment Test, atau lainnya

13 Q & A *Terimakasih*


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