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COMPUTER-MEDIATED COMMUNICATIONS Introduction to Internet Studies.

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Presentasi berjudul: "COMPUTER-MEDIATED COMMUNICATIONS Introduction to Internet Studies."— Transcript presentasi:

1 COMPUTER-MEDIATED COMMUNICATIONS Introduction to Internet Studies

2 Definitions CMC is not similar to computer technology CMC: - sebagai media - sebagai lingkungan (electronic environment)

3 Cyberspace William Gibson Individu dapat menghubungkan sistem syarafnya dengan jariongan komputer global dan mengalami apa yang disebut dengan virtual reality VR = Cyberspace

4 John Perry Barlow (Electronic Frontier Foundation) Howard Rheingold Cyberspace is a conceptual space where words, human relations, data, etc are manifested by people using cMC

5 So… Cyberspace adalah konteks dimana CMC berlangsung

6 CMC (Chesebro & Bonsall) Any form of human – computer interaction (communication) varying in the degree to which the computer or the user is in control (using computer programs to input, share, search for, manipulate, output & transmit information)

7 Form of CMC Asynchronous messages are stored & need not to be read at the time of receipt Synchronous text exchanged live

8 The Internet (Morris) A multifaceted mass medium It varies from interpersonal to mass communication Narrowcasting vs Broadcasting New media

9 New Media Cara baru distribusi dan konsumsi teks media (interactivity & hypertext) Cara baru merepresentasikan dunia Relationship baru antara subyek (user & consumer) dan teknologi media

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