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KELOMPOK 5 Fernando Gusti Wicaksono Hadi Fadhil M.

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1 KELOMPOK 5 Fernando Gusti Wicaksono Hadi Fadhil M.
Reservation, complaints, confirmation, cancellation, and dealing with arrangement

2 Reservation Making a Reservation maksudnya adalah memesan kamar Hotel atau penginapan lainnya. Pemesanan Kamar dapat dilakukan langsung atau melalui telepon.

3 Expresi yang dilakukan oleh resepsionis
Good morning, Deluxe Hotel. Mary speaking. Can I help you? Selamat pagi. Hotel Deluxe. Dengan Mary disini. Apa yang bisa saya bantu? When would you like to stay for? Kapan mau menginapnya? How long will you be staying? Mau menginap berapa lama? What kind of room would you like? Mau kamar apa? It’s $ 50 Dollars a night, including tax. Harganya 50 Dolar per malam, sudah termasuk pajak. Who is the booking for, please? Atas nama siapa pemesanan kamar ini?

4 Expresi yang di lakukan oleh tamu hotel
I’d like to make a reservation. Saya mau pesan kamar I’d like a room with 2 double beds. Saya mau pesan kamar dengan 2 tempat tidur. How much is the charge per night? Berapa harganya per malam? Do you have outdoor swimming pool? Ada kolam renang di luar ruangan? Do you have special rate? Ada rate (harga) khusus? Do you have any corporate rate? Ada rate untuk perusahaan?

5 Contoh percakapan reservation

6 HANDLING COMPLAINT Complaint is something that expressed from customers or partners, because our company give bad service to customers or partners. Translate: Keluhan adalah sesuatu yang diungkapkan dari pelanggan atau mitra, karena perusahaan kami memberikan layanan buruk kepada pelanggan atau mitra.

7 Expressing complaints
It’s not actually what I want… At first, you said that…but now… I am extremly dissatisfied with… I am disappointed with… Actually, we like to have lunch/dinner here but… What’s wrong with this flight? It’s advertised that…

8 Reasons of complaints. (Pertimbangan keluhan)
The service in this restaurant is very slow. It takes…to have… We have been waiting for almost…hours for our order.  The waiters were rude and unhelpful. The items I bought here is not the same as the one advertised.  What’s wrong with this flight? It’s advertised that…but… Your flight attendants were… Unfortunately, you have sent us  the wrong goods.

9 Expectations towards complaints. (Harapan ke arah keluhan)
I would like to have a full refund for… I would like all my money back.  Would you please tell your staffs to be…?  Would you please remind your staffs not to be…?  Please send my order as soon as possible.  I’d like to ask for a full refund of…

10 Responses to Complaints
I am sorry, Sir. Due to technical disorder, … We’re sorry, Sir. We guarantee it won’t happen again. We’re sorry, Mom. We will report any dissatisfaction to the producer. It is all right, Sir. We will give all your money back. Excuse me, Mom. May I have a look at your receipt ? All right, Sir. Shall we …….or……? I’ll see to that right away ma’am. I’ll correct the situation immediately, sir. I’m so sorry sir; that should never have happened. I’ll take care of that right away sir.  I’ll see to it immediately.  I’ll see what I can do about it and get back to you. 

11 Example Complaint Dialogue In Aston International Hotel
F : Good Morning Sir. May I help you? S : Actually, I just got the news that my flight will arrive at 4.30 PM but it supposed to come at AM. I am 60 years as you see, so it will be so difficult for me to wait in the airport for such a long time. I want to occupy your room till the afternoon. F : Sir, you are lucky as we don’t have any booking of that room till afternoon. But sir, as you know, PM is our last check out time and if you like to stay more then you have to pay for that. S : What ??? (with the loud voice). What the hell are you talking? Why I have to pay? F : Sir, it is the rule. Sir, you will be happy to hear that you will not have to pay full room rent. If you stay till afternoon then you will be charged only 50% of the room rent. S : Hey men. Don’t you know I have settle my account already?

12 Expressions dealing with confirmation and cancellation
I’d like to confirm my flight to Singapore. I regret to tell you that I have to cancel our appointment. I’m afraid I have to cancel my flight.

13 Expressions dealing with arrangement
What will you do on Holiday? I am going to go picnic. What about tonight? How about tomorrow? I’m sorry. I have got something to do tomorrow. What about Sunday?

14 THE END Thank You

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