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Pomotion : Selecting Communication Channel of-social-media-marketing-companies.

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1 Pomotion : Selecting Communication Channel of-social-media-marketing-companies

2 Promosi = komunikasi dalam social marketing promosi Mass communication Selective communication Personal communication

3 Mass Communication

4 the function of mass communication in social marketing: Mass communication aims to inform and persuade, in a given time, the largest number of target adopters, about how the product fits their needs and better than the alternative product

5 Mass communication decisions.. Objectives What do you want  who to do? Menyebarluaskan atau meningkatkan adopsi ide dan praktek sosial  intangible or tangible product What To Say What have you got for them? - Something new ; ex: krisis energi (masyarakat tidak sadar ada krisis, shg mereka perlu diyakinkan bahwa dengan bantuan penghematan dari mereka maka krisis bisa diatasi)  kampanye penyadaran adanya krisis energi dan hemat energi - Superior produk sosial harus segera dilaksanakan; ex: angka kecelakaan yang tinggi  safety riding - different /subtitute ex: merokok adalah hal ‘normal’ dan keren vs merokok berbahaya bagi kesehatan

6 Mass Communication Decisions.. How to say it..  How will you put it into words? Rational  seat belt will save you from disfigurement in a car accident Emotional  negative=fear  orang tua “disuguhi” ilustrasi ttg anak- anak beresiko menggunakan drug yang berbahaya bagi kesehatan Non verbal element Facial Vocal body eye space physical

7 Mass communication decisions Where To Say It Match media to objectives Match media to your product's "personality" Ex: Antirokok/antidrug/global warming untuk remaja = majalah Cosmo Girl, MTV How To Time It When are you most likely to reach your target adopter?

8 What Dilutes Mass Media Impact? Apathetic, Defensive, or Ignorant Audience The Message is Not Sufficiently Motivating Message is Placed in Inappropriate Media Provides No Way To Respond Constructively

9 Media has effects where …. The desired behaviour change requires little time, effort, financial, or psychological costs Where social norms are important and favour the desired change Where there are clear and substantial benefits to the individual (that out-weigh the costs) Where there are no major environmental inhibitors Where the individual’s attitudes are neutral or already mildly positive towards the behaviour.

10 Chapter 11 Selective Communication

11 Why : Ada segmen target adopter yang harus benar-benar diraih  orang beresiko tinggi lebih membutuhkan info yang detil selective communication  menggunakan media yang selective (lingkup lebih khusus)  dapat lebih dekat dengan target adopter secara iteraktif dan efektif.

12 Direct Mail segments into better defined clusters  benar-benar dipilih dan ditujukan pada orang yang berprospek menjadi target adopter can be personalized  pesan yang di sampaikan bisa dibuat spesifik sesuai dengan apa yang dibutuhkan, diperlukan, dan kemungkinan besar paling bisa diterima oleh target adopter more flexible  jumlah penerima pesan bisa lebih terarah/disesuaikan can tell target how to respond  menunjukkan kesempatan dan keuntungan bila menjadi target adopter, dan petunjuk dalam menjadi target adopter. Advantages to Direct Mail

13 Telemarketing InboundOutbound Marketer provides toll-free number : Bantuan layanan : narkoba/bunuh diri Marketer calls target adopter

14 As follow-up to mass communication & direct mail To encourage and reinforce loyalty To get names of target adopters for personal communication appeals  As a ground breaker to arrange for a follow up personal visited by social marketer When to Use Telemarketing

15 Timing Harus pintar menemukan waktu, kapan Target adopter dapat dihubungi, ex : Di telpon sekitar sore hari, dsb

16 Personal Communication

17 What is it? Part of the flow of interaction and communication between change agents and target adopters that makes up a social change campaign

18 Social marketer secara langsung memberikan informasi/instruksi/persuasi/menganjurkan/me motivasi dan memberikan pertolongan/pendampingan dan pelayanan pada target adopter

19 Who does it? MotivatorsProfessionals Community Organizers Outreach workersRecruitersExtension workers FacilitatorsEducatorsSocial workers Field WorkersCounselorsService providers VolunteersmissionariesService deliveres

20 Personal Communication is the most powerful persuasion tool. Why is it so powerful? It's direct give-and-take exchange you can build a relationship target adopter feels obligation to reciprocate

21 The Audience Who exactly is your audience for your personal communication of your social marketing product?

22 Are you addressing one or more people? Are links mediated or word-of- mouth? Strategies Two basic questions links1 recipient>1 recipient 1outreachEducation >1Word Of Mouth

23 Education strategy : dilakukan seorang social marketer pada sekelompok orang  membuat forum rehabilitasi/couselling ex: kelompok dalam rehabilitasi drug

24 dilakukan one by one  ex: mempromosikan kesehatan keluarga langsung pada seorang ibu ; pemahaman pentingnya jarum suntik steril pada pengguna narkoba agar meminimalisir resiko penyebaran HIV / AIDS Outreach strategy : adoption diffusion rate  komunikasi berantai Word of mouth 

25 Universal - When target-adopters are highly motivated to adopt Ex: - Say No to Drug - filter rokok balur/kesehatan : pesan yang diberikan sama, filter kesehatan baik untuk anti kanker. Varied - When many different segments exist Ex : kampanye anti narkoba  untuk orang tua dan remaja berbeda The Message

26 Choosing how to present the message: Who is your target adopter?What is of value to them?

27 Choosing the message Features Benefits Physical/Technical (size, weight, temperature, shape, material, ingredients  qualities  for research adn developent specialist) Ex : hasil test Elisa untuk HIV Functional Apa yang bisa diperbuat/manfaat dari social product pada target adopter Ex : Berhenti merokok baik untuk kesehatan Sensory apa saja yang bisa disentuh dilihat, didengar, dirasakan oleh target adopter Ex : Harga test murah atau mahal, waktu cepat, Emotional/psychological Apa yang dirasakan/dipercayai oleh target adopter dari menggunakan social product Ex: orang percaya/terdorong berhenti merokok karena takut sakit, takut meracuni orang tercinta

28 Timing paling efektif setelah terlebih dahulu kampanye di media massa


30 What Makes a Successful Social Marketing Campaign? (From the perspective of the social change agent) MonopolizationIt helps if you hold a monopoly on the airwaves and there is not a lot out there contrary to your message. Just as it is easier to sell your brand of soap if you're the only soap manufacturer advertising on a half hour show, it is easier to reach magazine readers with the message about not smoking, now that magazines are forbidden to carry smoking ads

31 What Makes a Successful Social Marketing Campaign? (From the perspective of the social change agent) canalization It helps if previous work in the same area has carved a path for your issue. For a long time, too many people took the issue of Drinking and Driving too lightly; efforts were hindered by the fact that no one had really brought the issue to the attention of the public. Once MADD (Mothers against Drunk Driving) started their campaign, other campaigns became easier. This term canalization comes from the concept that it is easier to sail your boat across the land if a canal has been dug.

32 What Makes a Successful Social Marketing Campaign? (From the perspective of the social change agent) suplementationIt helps if you have help. It's easier to conduct a social change campaign if mass media efforts are supplemented by face- to-face and word-of-mouth communication


34 What Makes a Successful Social Marketing Campaign? (from the perspective of the target adopter) Force Intensity of commitment is greater if a person is already pre-disposed toward the message; once you reach them, make the message as stimulating as possible Direction Knowing how and where to respond to the campaign's message Mechanism Having an actual agency, office, or retail outlet to which to go Adequacy and Compatibility Finding the agency able to do its job Distance Feeling that the effort put forth is going to be worth the end result As the change agent you must reduce the distance the target adopter must travel; not only physically, as in the case of a recycling centre, but psychologically, as in convincing them it is their problem


36 it's harder to sell an idea because of.. Situation Involvement Do your target adopters care about your issue? Enduring Involvement Will they keep caring? Benefits/Reinforcers Is it going to be personally worthwhile to them? Costs If it costs too much in money or effort they may not want to do it

37 t's harder to sell an idea because of.. Benefit/Cost Relationship Can they see a tangible result? something that makes their effort worthwhile? Pre-existing Demand Is it something that everyone already wants? (clean water should be) Segmentation Are you reaching the right groups with the right marketing message?

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