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PT THERMO ASRI MAKMUR. COMPANY PROFILE Sejarah Perusahaan Sejak tahun 1979 PT. THERMO ASRI MAKMUR adalah yang pertama di Indonesia yang ditunjuk THERMO.

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Presentasi berjudul: "PT THERMO ASRI MAKMUR. COMPANY PROFILE Sejarah Perusahaan Sejak tahun 1979 PT. THERMO ASRI MAKMUR adalah yang pertama di Indonesia yang ditunjuk THERMO."— Transcript presentasi:


2 COMPANY PROFILE Sejarah Perusahaan Sejak tahun 1979 PT. THERMO ASRI MAKMUR adalah yang pertama di Indonesia yang ditunjuk THERMO KING sebagai DEALER nya dibidang “Truck Refrigeration dan Bus Air Conditioning” THERMO KING – USA, telah memasarkan Truck Refrigeration System dan Bus Air Conditioning terbesar di dunia. Inovasi demi inovasi selalu dilakukan untuk menciptakan van-truck refrigerator dan Bus Air Conditioning yang benar-benar sempurna.Dengan teknologi ultra canggih, setiap komponen dirancang dengan cermat dan diuji dengan teliti dan sangat akurat, sehingga menghasilkan produk dengan kualitas prima untuk dipasarkan keseluruh dunia.

3 Visi dan Misi VISI :Memberikan hasil karya yang dapat memudahkan dan memberikan rasa nyaman masyarakat umum serta menjadi Dealer Thermo King No.1 seAsiaTenggara MISI :Sudah lebih dari 41tahun semenjak PT. THERMO ASRI MAKMUR didirikan pada tahun 1979 membuat kami lebih confidence dalam memberikan layanan kepada seluruh partner/pelanggan dengan kualitas layanan yang selalu terbaik. Kecepatan, kualitas layanan, respon time tercepat, kendali mutu dan bergaransi merupakan modal utama kami sebagai yang terdepan di Truck Refrigeration serta Bus Air Conditioning.Cabang-cabang kami pun sudah tersebar di 6 Kota Besar di Indonesia diantaranya Bekasi, Surabaya, Solo, Semarang, Bandung, Bali guna meningkatkan mutu dan pelayanan terhadap produk-produk kami.

4 Award : Keberhasilan / Pencapaian : - The Longest Collaboration Dealer Award - Dramatic Growth Award 2010 - Best Dealer Award 2013 - International Dealer Award Trip - 1 Million Dollar Club - Million Dollar Award 2010

5 Produk – produk Themo King Pendingin Truk (Truck Refrigeration) AC Bis (Bus Air Condition)

6 Pendingin Truk SV Series : 1. SV 400 2. SV 600 T Series : 1. T1000M

7 SV Series SV 400 : SV, as the acronym of Supereme Vehicle-powered, is designed for refrigerated transportation in the range of ligth and medium size vehicles. This all new SV platform is equipped with an optimized refrigeration system, robust TK compressor, and many other proven components, to esure the state-of-the-art quality and reliability. Meanwhile, superior cooling capacity protects perishable cargo, reducing the cocern of load loss.

8 Key features of SV-Series High performance to protect perishable products Improved evaporator  High cooling capacity, quick pull down, accurate temperature control  High reliability, low maintenance cost.  Long life integrated fans  Optimized structure design and condensing water drain  Improved installation and service  Improved appearance with patented design

9 New condenser platform Thermo King robust compressor  Light and compact, energy saving  Standard part, share same platform, decrease inventory cost  Improved appearance with patented design  High reliability, reduce failure rate  low life cycle cost

10 SV 400 SV 600

11 SV-Series Specifications


13 T Series :

14 Introducing T – Series refrigeration units o Low fuel comsumption  Through extensive development and field experience, Thermo King have found the right balance between system efficiency, fuel concumption and performance in all ambient conditions for both fresh and frozen produce.  Advanced fuel-saving control technology with the new TSR controller means greates fuel efficiency.

15 Lower life cycle cost Easy to use and service  The TSR controller allows optimum management of all functionalities of the unit in order to deliver what matters for every load.  The Extended Manitenance Interval Programme EMI 2000 reduces maintenance costs.  The new and intuitive TSR controller features a symbolic display for error-free operation.  Low level alerts for oil and coolant.  Programmable service intervals and scheduled maintenance reminders.  Easy service accessibility to electrical and engine components.  Easy to use PC Monitor application for diagnostics and communication with USB port

16 Reduced emissions & waste Capacities that match your requirements  T-Series units are now equipped with GreenTechTM engines which are the cleanest on the market, exceeding all existing EU requirements.  Reduction of waste through EMI 2000.  99.7% of the unit material is recyclable.  The perfect capacity fit for your specific application.  Eliminate energy waste and save costs.  Capacities from 5700 W to 8700 W at 0°C.  Capacities from 3700 W to 5200 W at -20°C.

17 Quieter operation  Whisper TM quiet operation.  Poly-V stretch belt with Quiet Channel technology for reduced noise

18 Control panel Dimensions in millimetres

19 After Sales Service Thermo King Replacement parts Maintenance parts Genuine Thermo King replacement parts are proven time aer time in side-by-side testing to be superior to other non-original parts. Specifically engineered to provide optimal performance and maximum life, Thermo King replacement parts protect your investment and give you confidence and peace of mind on the road Thermo King offers the highest quality in durable maintenance parts. All parts have been carefully selected and designed to keep your Thermo King equipment operating eciently and at full capacity for longer and to reduce life cycle costs.

20 When you buy a Thermo King, you're buying the most reliable transport refrigeration unit on the planet. And to make sure it stays that way, we throw in the most reliable, most skillful dealer service network on the planet. It's a network that keeps the light on 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

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