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Competitive Advantage

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1 Competitive Advantage

2 Resources Base Strategy
Market Base Strategy Vs Resources Base Strategy

3 Market Attractiveness
Market Based Strategy Menyangkut posisi perusahaan dalam struktur industri dan menekankan strategi perusahaan yang fokus pada lingkungan di mana perusahaan beroperasi…..Outside –in perspective (external) Mengidentifikasi dan memilih dimensi kompetitif Mendapatkan posisi yang menarik dalam industri Memilih kombinasi pasar produk a company analyzes the industry structure and according to the structure it creates its structure and strategy for effective positioning in the industry. (Porter.1980;1985)

4 Porter’s Five Forces Model

5 Porter’s Five Forces Model

6 Resource Based Strategy
Resource Available: Tangibles, Intangibles &HR Mengidentifikasi dan menekankan pentingnya penguasaaan atas sumber daya dalam mencapai keunggulan kompetitif

7 Resource Based Strategy
Resource Available: Tangibles, Intangibles &HR Barney: 1991 ;2007 Valuable: sumber daya harus dapat meningkatkan efisiensi dan efektifitas perusahaan Rare: sumber daya ini termasuk langka dan dikuasi oleh perusahaan dalam jumlah besar Imperfectly imitable: susah untuk ditiru Non-Subtituable: tidak ada barang pengganti untuk sumber daya ini

8 Competitive Advantage
Efficiency and the Experience Curve

9 Value Chain Analysis Reduce costs Increase your competitiveness
Improve your market share Value Chain analysis by Michael Porter (1995)

10 Value Chain & Competitive Advantage
Generic Strategy

11 Just in Time- strategic alliance - Outsourching
Value Chain Analysis Just in Time- strategic alliance - Outsourching Co Creator

12 Corporate diversification Merger- acquitition – strategic alliance
Competitive Advantage Resources, Capabilities & Core Competencies Culture Trust Human Resources Information Tech Vertical integration Corporate diversification Merger- acquitition – strategic alliance Generic Strategy

13 Competitive Advantage
Chan W Kim. Blue Ocean Strategy

14 Generic Strategy STUCK IN THE MIDDLE
Incompatibility between strategy and environment

15 Generic Strategy Overall Cost Leadership
1. produce the same/better quality at less cost than anyone else. Enjoy greater profits or - in a price war - stay in the market, profitably, with reduced prices.  2. This may revolutionize a firm where industry competition has been sluggish. Competitors may be ill-prepared - mentally, economically, operationally - to minimize costs e.g. steel, retail banking, lager, an in-patient day.  Differentiation - implies a better/different product/service (or perceived as different) from others. With differentiated quality as the target - do we ignore costs?  Quality imperatives demand a strategy equating the product with "desirable" quality standards. Differentiation can earn above average profits even in slow growth or declining market.  Market Niche/Segmentation - focusing on a section or group of the buying public  or  a segment of a product line  or  an area of a geographic market 

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