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FLOW INJECTION ANALYSIS (Analisis dalam sistem aliran)

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1 FLOW INJECTION ANALYSIS (Analisis dalam sistem aliran)

2 Definition of FIA "Information gathering from a concentration gradient formed from an injected, well-defined zone of a fluid, dispersed into a continuous unsegmented stream of a carrier"  ACADEMIC DEFINITION "a simple and versatile analytical technology for automating wet chemical analysis, based on the physical and chemical manipulation of a dispersed sample zone formed from the injection of the sample into a flowing carrier stream and detection downstream"  INDUSTRIAL DEFINITION "Flow injection analysis should not be explained. It ought to be demonstrated"  Bo Karlberg

3 Working principles of FIA
In its simplest form of FIA, the sample zone is injected into a flowing carrier stream of reagent. As the injected zone moves downstream, the sample solution disperses into the reagent, causing the product to form. A flow through detector placed downstream records the desired physical parameter such as colorimetric absorbance or fluorescence.

4 Schematic diagram of FIA

5 Working principles of FIA
The typical FIA flow rate is one milliliter per minute; Typical sample volume consumption is 100 microliters per sample; Typical sampling frequency is two samples per minute


7 Main steps of FIA Sampling  the sample is measured out and injected into the flowing carrier stream (the name Flow Injection Analysis). This step is generally performed with a sample injection valve. Sample processing  To transform the analyte into a species that can be measured by the detector and manipulate its concentration into a range that is compatible with the detector, using one or more of the indicated processes. Detection  the analyte, or a derivative of it, generates a signal peak that is used to quantify the compound being determined. As indicated, a large variety of detectors can be used in FIA.

8 Uniqueness of FIA Kekuatan FIA sebagai alat analisis terletak pada kemampuannya untuk menggabungkan fungsi-fungsi analitis dalam berbagai cara yang berbeda untuk menciptakan berbagai metodologi yang berbeda, dan melaksanakan metodologi ini dengan cepat dan otomatis dengan menit (uL) jumlah sampel. Tahapan pertama dan terakhir, sebagian besar, teknologi konvensional. tahap kedua, pengolahan sampel, yang merupakan jantung dari FIA. Sejumlah fungsi yang paling umum pengolahan sampel analitis yang dapat dilakukan oleh FIA digambarkan dalam kotak. For example, FIA can dilute by factors up to tens of thousands, and can enrich by several hundred. It can perform chemistry on an analyte to generate a detectable species. It can transfer an analyte from one medium to another, for example from a gas sample to a FIA carrier, and vice versa. It can do solvent extraction, and matrix modification or matrix elimination.

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