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Introduction to Information Technology Turban, Rainer and Potter

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1 Introduction to Information Technology Turban, Rainer and Potter
John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Copyright 2005 Chapter 5 1

2 E-Business and E-Commerce
Pertemuan 6 E-Business and E-Commerce “ Copyright 2005 John Wiley & Sons Inc.” Chapter 5

3 E-BUSINESS tidak sama dengan e-commerce.
E-BUSINESS jauh lebih luas lingkupnya, lebih dari sekedar transaksi karena mengarah pada pengguna, dengan kombinasi teknologi serta bentuk lainnya dari komunikasi elektronik, untuk memungkinkan dilakukannya jenis aktivitas bisnis apa pun.


5 Overview of E-Business and E-Commerce
Electronic commerce (e-commerce, EC). The Proses pembelian, penjualan, dan transfer atau pertukaran produk, layanan, atau informasi melalui jaringan komputer, termasuk internet. E-business. Definisi e-commerce yang lebih luas, tidak hanya pembelian dan penjualan barang serta jasa, tetapi juga pelayanan pelanggan, kolaborasi dengan mitra bisnis, e-learning, dan transaksi elektronik dalam perusahaan. Chapter 5

6 Pure versus partial EC Dilihat dari tingkat digitalisasi yg dilibatkan (transformasi dari fisik ke digital), e-commerce dapat dibagi menjadi beberapa bentuk. Tingkat digitalisasi berhubungan dengan (1)produk atau jasa yang dijual, (2)proses, atau (3)pelaku pengirimannya(atau perantaranya. Dlm perdagangan tradisional, ketiga dimensi berupa fisik. EC yg murni adalah dimana ketiga elemen diatas digital. Apabila terdapat satu elemen yg digital, maka akan dikatakan sebagai EC parsial. Contohnya EC parsial : membeli laptop di, buku di, karena barang nya akan dikirim secara fisik melalui jasa pengiriman brg mis : fedex atau tiki. Contoh EC murni : membeli tiket dari, dan, karena semua transaksi dilakukan melalui internet. Chapter 5

7 Perusahaan yang murni fisik disebut perusahaan brick-and-mortar (bata dan semen) artinya perusahaan yang melakukan operasinya secara tradisional ditandai dengan adanya toko/bangunan fisik.) dimana produk,proses, dan pengirimannya secara fisik Chapter 5

8 Pure vs Partial EC cont…
Virtual company (perusahaan virtual) disebut juga pemain murni. Yaitu perusahaan yg hanya terlibat dalam EC murni Click-and– mortar. (atau click and brick, klik dan semen/bata) artinya perusahaan yg melakukan penjualan secara online maupun melalui toko tradisional). Beberapa aktivitas EC, tetapi bisnis utamanya secara fisik. Banyak perusahaan yg berubah dari Brick mortar ke Click mortar contohnya Chapter 5

9 Chapter 5

10 Types of E-Commerce Transactions
Business-to-Business (B2B): E-commerce in which both the sellers and the buyers are business organizations. Collaborative commerce ( c-commerce): E –commerce in which business partners collaborate electronically Business-to-Consumers (B2C): E-commerce in which the seller are organizations and the buyers are individual also known as e-tailing. Chapter 5

11 Types of E-Commerce Transaction cont…
Consumer-to-Consumer(C2C).:E-commerce in which an individual sells products or services to other individuals. Customer -to-Business (C2B).:E-commerce in which customers make known a particular need for a product or service, and suppliers complete to provide the product or service to consumers . Intrabusiness( intraorganizational) commerce. an organization uses EC internally to improve its operations. Chapter 5

12 Types of E-commerce cont…
B2E( business to employees) EC: A special case of intrabusiness e-commerce in which an organization delivers product or services to its employees. Government–to–Citizens(G2C): E-commerce in which a government provide services to its citizen via EC technologies. Government-to–business (G2B): E-commerce in which a government does business with other governments as well as with businesses. Mobile Commerce (m-commerce): E-commerce conducted in a wireless environment. Chapter 5

13 Benefits of E-commerce
Benefits to organization: The availability of natural and international markets, The decreased cost of processing, distributing, and retrieving information. Benefit to customer: The access to a vast number of products and services, around the clock. Benefit to society : The ability to deliver information, services, and product to people in cities, in rural areas and in developing countries. Chapter 5

14 Technological Limitations
The lack of universally accepted security standards. Insufficient telecommunication bandwidth. Expensive accessibility Chapter 5

15 Nontechnological Limitations
A perception that EC is insecure. Unresolved legal issue. A lack of a critical mass of sellers and buyers. Chapter 5

16 Tips for Safe Electronic Shopping
 Look for reliable brand names at sites like Wal-Mart online, and Before purchasing, make sure that the site is authentic by entering the site directly and not from an unverified link  Search any unfamiliar selling site for the company’s address and phone and fax numbers. Call up and quiz the employee about the seller. Check out the vendor with the local chamber of commerce or better business bureau ( Look for seals of authenticity such as TRUSTe.  Investigate how secure the seller’s site is by examining the security procedure and by reading the posted privacy notice Examine the money- back guarantees, warranties, and service agreements.  Compare price to those in regular stores. too.-low prices are too good to be true, and some ‘’catch ‘’ is probably involved.  Ask friends what they know . Find testimonials and endorsements in community sites and well –known bulletin boarder. find out what your rights are in case of a dispute . Consult consumer protections agencies and the national fraud information center ( check for a listing of useful resources. Chapter 5

17 Major Reasons for EC Failures
Incorrect revenue model (Model bisnis yg salah) Lack of strategy and contingency planning (Kurangnya strategi dan perencanaan) Inability to attract enough customers (Jumlah pembeli tidak memadai) Lack of funding (Dana yg kurang) Channel conflict with existing distributors (Konflik pemasaran dengan distributor) Too much online competition (Terlalu banyak persaingan) Poor order fulfillment infrastructure (Kurangnya infrastruktur bagi pelanggan untuk melakukan pemesanan) Lack of qualified management Chapter 5

18 Copyright 2005 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
All rights reserved. Reproduction or translation of this work beyond that permitted in section 117 of the United States Copyright Act without express permission of the copyright owner is unlawful. Request for information should be addressed to the permission department, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. The purchaser may make back-up copies for his/her own use only and not for distribution or resale. The publisher assumes no responsibility for error, omissions, or damages caused by the use of these programs or from the use of the information herein. Chapter 5 1

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