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1 Psikoanalisa Pertemuan 12 Matakuliah: U0062/Strategi Manajemen Persuasi Tahun: 2006.

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Presentasi berjudul: "1 Psikoanalisa Pertemuan 12 Matakuliah: U0062/Strategi Manajemen Persuasi Tahun: 2006."— Transcript presentasi:

1 1 Psikoanalisa Pertemuan 12 Matakuliah: U0062/Strategi Manajemen Persuasi Tahun: 2006

2 2 Sigmund Freud Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) is considered the father of psychoanalysis, which may be the granddaddy of all pseudoscientific psychotherapies, second only to Scientology as the champion purveyor of false and misleading claims about the mind, mental health, and mental illness.

3 3 Sigmund Freud

4 4 For example, in psychoanalysis schizophrenia and depression are not brain disorders, but narcissistic disorders. Autism and other brain disorders are not brain problems but mothering problems. These illnesses do not require pharmacological or behavioral treatment. They require only "talk" therapy.

5 5 Similar positions are taken for anorexia nervosa and Tourette's syndrome. (Hines 1990: 136) What is the scientific evidence for the psychoanalytic view of these mental illnesses and their proper treatment? There is none.

6 6 Psychoanalysis Psychoanalysis is a family of psychological theories and methods based on the pioneering work of Sigmund Freud. As a technique of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis seeks to elucidate connections among unconscious components of patients' mental processes. The analyst's goal is to help liberate the analysand from unexamined or unconscious barriers of transference and resistance - that is, past patterns of relatedness that are no longer serviceable or that inhibit freedom.

7 7 Psychoanalysis Controversy rages both within and without the psychoanalytic community over whether psychoanalysis is a science, a pseudoscience, or something else altogether.

8 8 Psychoanalysis The basic method of psychoanalysis is the transference and resistance analysis of free association. The patient, in a relaxed posture, is directed to say whatever comes to mind. Dreams, hopes, wishes, and fantasies are of interest, as are recollections of early family life. Generally the analyst simply listens, making comments only when, in his or her professional judgment, an opportunity for insight on the part of the patient arises.

9 9 Psychoanalysis In listening, the analyst attempts to maintain an attitude of empathic neutrality, a non judgmental stance designed to create a safe environment. The analyst asks that the analysand speak with utter honesty about whatever comes to awareness while interpreting the patterns and inhibitions that appear in the patient's speech and other behavior.

10 10 Psikoanalisa Istilah psikoanalisa yang dikemukakan Freud sebenarnya memiliki beberapa makna yaitu: (1) sebagai sebuah teori kepribadian dan psikopatologi, (2) sebuah metode terapi untuk gangguan-gangguan kepribadian, (3) suatu teknik untuk menginvestigasi pikiran-pikiran dan perasaan-perasaan individu yang tidak disadari oleh individu itu sendiri.

11 11 Psikoanalisa Sejak the Psychoanalytic Society (Perhimpunan Masyarakat Psikoanalisa) didirikan pada tahun 1906, maka muncul beberapa ahli psikologi yang dua diantaranya adalah Alfred Adler dan Carl Jung. Pada tahun 1909 Freud mulai dikenal di seluruh dunia ketika ia melakukan perjalanan ke USA untuk menyelenggarkan Konferensi International pertama kalinya.

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