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2 Tugas Ahli Strategi yang Efektif
Suka bekerja keras Mempunyai wawasan yang luas dan analisis yang menyeluruh (integrated) Berpikir jernih (objectif) dan melontarkan banyak gagasan dalam pengambilan keputusan

3 Peran Konsultan Manajemen
Konsultan biasanya terlibat dalam merumuskan strategi dan bagaimana mengimplementasikan strategi perusahaan dan membantu dalam merancang kerangka evaluasi dan pengendalian strategi perusahaan agar nantinya dapat diketahui efektifitas strategi perusahaan yang diimplementasikan.

4 Social Responsibility
Broader responsibility: Private corporation has responsibilities to society that extend beyond making a profit.

5 Social Responsibility
Friedman’s Traditional View “There is one and only one social responsibility of business – to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase its profits…”

6 Social Responsibility
Carroll’s Four Responsibilities Economic Legal Ethical Discretionary

7 Responsibilities of Business

8 Social Responsibility Benefits
Environmental concerns may enable the firm to charge premium prices and gain brand loyalty Trustworthiness may help generate enduring relationships with suppliers and distributors without spending time and money policing contracts Can attract outstanding employees who prefer working for a responsible firm More likely to attract capital from investors who view reputable companies as desirable Ben & Jerry’s Maytag Procter & Gamble Rubbermaid

9 Reasons for Unethical Behavior
Moral Relativism Morality is relative to some personal, social or cultural standard and that there is no method for deciding whether one decision is better than another.

10 Social Responsibility
Kohlberg’s Levels of Moral Development Preconventional Level Concern for self Conventional Level Consideration of laws and norms Principled Level Adherence to internal moral code

11 Social Responsibility
Code of Ethics: Specifies how an organization expects its employees to behave while on the job.

12 Social Responsibility
Ethics The consensually accepted standards of behavior for an occupation, trade, or profession Morality The precepts of personal behavior based on religious or philosophical grounds Law Formal codes that permit or forbid certain behaviors

13 Social Responsibility
Approaches to Ethical Behavior Utilitarian Actions and plans judged by consequences Individual Rights People have fundamental rights to be respected in all decisions Justice Distribution of costs and benefits to be equitable, fair, and impartial

14 Social Responsibility
Approaches to Ethical Behavior Categorical imperatives “golden rules” Not restrict others behavior

15 Social Responsibility
Impact of the Internet Issues – Cybersquatting Taxation Public Interest


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