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SMART GRID Group 26: Trang Trieu Grace Truong Nicki Tran Lisa Trinh.

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1 SMART GRID Group 26: Trang Trieu Grace Truong Nicki Tran Lisa Trinh

2 WHAT IS SMART GRID? An intelligent electricity- delivery system:  energy suppliers and consumers: interconnect through a network Smart meters:  are installed at homes and business  monitor energy consumption  transmit that information back to energy providers Energy providers :  track energy consumption  automatically throttle down energy consumption on a granular level when demand gets too high.

3 WHO ARE USING SMART GRID?  Individual consumers  Corporate participation  Government regulators

4 HOW SMART GRID IS USED?  Foster communication between the energy company and the end consumer  Electricity is sent from:  Allows energy companies to track areas of high use, identify possible outages, and provide the proper service. Energy company Distribution center destination

5 ADVANTAGES OF SMART GRID  Reduces the cost of blackouts $$$  Helps measure and reduce energy consumption and costs  Helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint  Opens up new opportunities for tech companies meaning more jobs created!!!

6 DISADVANTAGES OF SMART GRID Biggest concern: security and privacy Smart Grid: use  automated meters,  two-way communications: between a power consumer and provider  and advanced sensors Some types of meters can be hacked Hacker:  gain control of thousands, even millions, of meters  increase or decrease the demand for power

7 DISADVANTAGES (cont.) Not simply a single component Various technology components:  software, the power generators, system integrators, etc. Expensive for consumer: $60 per month

8 WHAT WILL HAPPEN? Fastest growing business in the Green-Tech market Was included in Obama’s stimulus bill U.S. Congress “act without delay” Very few companies invest and utilize: Austin Energy (Texas) and Pacific Gas & Electric (California)

9 SMART GRID FUTURE In the near future, will not be any vast development Risky because of financial demands and regulations In the long-run, attitudes will change, wide spread usage of the smart grid from every business to every home just like the Internet


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